Just Another Regular Day – Is That a Good Thing Or a Bad Thing?

For a very long time now, I had been running away from the idea of a monotonous way of living. Unsure of what the term exactly meant and hence lacking the right perspective, I would look for adventure each and every day. And please don’t lie to yourselves about wanting a simple life without any drama! We all have secretly watched vampire diaries or the Marvel Series!

Now mind you, my definition or rather, my understanding of the term adventure was also equally flawed. I thought monotony meant leading a boring life with repetition of the same set of events on a regular basis. So, it was a combined desire of both not wanting monotony in life and a rather desperate desire for adventure that directed my teenage years. When I look back today, I feel like my teenage phase was part of some sitcom in itself with all those emotional ups and downs and the need or rather an addiction towards the emotional highs!

Those emotions became the defining moments of my life back then!!!!! Phew!!

But…….. I continued to tap into these emotions and desires for a very long time. The turning moment of my life came when I finally realised where my passion lied. The dreams that began to take shape in my head demanded a certain kind of monotony that I did not completely understand. I couldn’t understand how my passion could demand monotony when I had a blast while riding the emotional roller coaster! My entire teenage experience taught me something else while the realities of my situation presented a contradictory scenario.

Yeah, well……..I kept fighting the new experiences for two reasons:
First because I assumed that I already had my set of experience with the ‘exciting’, ‘non-monotonous’ lifestyle that I had been leading and second, because I was afraid of how the experience might change me. You see, I liked the current me, I did not want to change myself and I was too afraid to put myself through the process.

However, as we all know, ‘Change is the only constant in the world’. So much for being on the emotional roller coaster and not puking even once!

For the sake of my dreams and my passion, I had to step into the unknown, and challenge my beliefs and my learnings. The process was not only hard but also demanding. It constantly pushed me to my limits and made me question my own experiences. I began to see the world and the different perspectives that existed besides the one that I had experienced. So, I decided to dig deeper into all the confusion looking for answers.

My beliefs have changed over time while all my experiences come with a clause that says, ‘Proceed with Caution’. Today, I believe that the term ‘monotony’ has a different understanding to it than the conventional definition; something that can only be realised through experience. One of the major learning curves has been the fact that I started sounding all mature! God only knows how mature I am really!

Coming back to the topic now, the only explanation that I could find regarding this whole façade of monotony was the idea of discipline. Discipline, one of the most talked about topic amongst each and every successful person ever interviewed, is nothing but monotony itself. But what does that mean really?

This means that monotony is a necessary part of our life that helps us achieve certain goals in our lives and also reach to a certain level of understanding about where our priorities lie. As discussed by many, there are certain actions in our everyday life that must be left constant in order to preserve our mental abilities for the most important aspects in our lives.

It also means that we must not confuse monotony with discipline. While monotony takes a specific timeline into consideration when suggesting that there has not been any growth at all, discipline teaches us to prioritise our time in order to get the maximum output of our efforts towards our set priorities.

Discipline is the key to success, and monotony and discipline must not be confused. Discipline teaches us to push ourselves in areas where we aim at excelling whereas monotony aims at keeping our growth stagnant. While discipline is a good thing, monotony is not. ‘Growth‘ is the key factor here!

Do you agree or disagree to what has been written? Mention your thoughts in the comments below! And I will take up your perspective in my next blog post!!!!!

More power and strength to you all!!! Keep working on those goals! Until next time!


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