Struggle Struggle Struggle! Every time I hear the word, my breath becomes shallow and my body goes into stress mode. It’s like someone just gave me the worst news ever! My brain starts giving me all kinds of signals that lead to a total brain shut down! But why! Why do I feel this way? How did I end up here? Is it a conditioning issue or do I really fear the term itself?

I believe that most of us feel this way. This confused state of being is where we spend most of our time in life. Why did I say confused here though?

We all have a very weird relationship with the term, Struggle. As a society, we are taught to either stay away from it or are condemned for actively engaging with it. But, each one of us experiences struggle throughout our life. We go through life thinking that struggle is an inevitable part of it and hence make peace with our association with it.

But lately, I have been exposed to a different opinion. With all these self-help books making rounds in the market, I hear statements like the struggle is where learning lies, the struggle must be embraced and challenged, the struggle helps us all grow etc. These statements have got me to think that maybe the struggle is not something we accept just like that. Maybe, we ought to train our minds to make the most out of these struggles in order to benefit from our own hardships! Rather than just giving up on our lives, we embrace the struggle and accept the change that comes with it.

It is hard to see things in a positive light while we are part of the process. But it gets easier as we come to the end of our journies. As we have already discussed before, change is inevitable and the moment we embrace change, we embrace the struggle that comes with it. We grow, we learn, we become a better version of ourselves. We constantly learn and we adapt, we are aware and hence not left behind.

I understand and I do agree that the amount of effort it takes for us to stay in the mindset of learning is much more than what it takes to just extract the learning out of our journeys. Hence, in order to make the journey more plausible and doable, it is important that we break our journies into smaller sections. This would ensure that we hit our marks in time before we drain ourselves of energy and keep us from getting exhausted before reaching our set goals.

Life throws us into the deeper end of the swimming pool of life without giving us any instructions but, ensures that we only deal with the lessons that we are capable of handling. It is important to observe in life that struggle comes with change. It is when we challenge the accepted ways of living or the norms that our struggle to find something better begins.

One such example of change combined with struggle is our changing personalities. We all have created our personalities based on our experiences in life. Each personality hence is very different from the rest. However, our relationship with change and struggle is so that when we do come across a friend or a relative who has indeed evolved, we reject them because it challenges our understanding of the world.

Sadguru once said, our personalities are mere creations of our identities for different situations. The moment the situation passes, our need to hold onto that personality also passes. He had infact discarded his old personality once and completely altered his personality to suit his current needs better. Even after having informed his near and dear ones of this well thought out change, people could not make peace with a different version of Sadguru and stopped associating themselves with him.

The learning that we all could take from the story is that change can be fun as well. The change could be used to uplift our thoughts and our ways of living. The struggle associated to change then becomes a mere learning curve as it loses its potent association with danger and/or fear thereby helping us all cope better.

Life is an amazing journey where no one really knows what lies ahead. So, why not just take it up as a journey or exploration of oneself, of the personalities that one could possess, the ideologies that could be discarded and the one that could be attained.


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