The common man, today’s Inspiration.

Inspiration can come in any form or manner and could be associated with different attributes depending on the audience we aim at. In the next couple of weeks, my effort as an author will be to try and cover as many bases as possible while discussing inspirational people around me. We definitely have come across people in our lives who taught us the things we know today; the knowledge that they held made us idolise them and also appreciate their presence. However, we quickly forget about such people when we feel the need for motivation while also comparing their achievements on the scale of monetary growth only. Through such posts, I aim to bring diversity to our understanding of success by including examples in real life where people are happy and have achieved more than just monetary success.

The following blog post is about a person close to my heart who dared it all by living his life to his fullest. For him, achievement has a different meaning than just monetary benefit although he is financially stable himself. The identity of this person will be kept anonymous upon request.

Before getting on with the journey in his life, it is important that we establish some context. He belonged to a family consisting of three siblings, two sisters and himself along with his parents. Being the only son in the family and with the society’s understanding of men and women’s respective roles at that time, he automatically expected himself to be the breadwinner in his family. His living conditions were nowhere in comparison to what today’s middle-class families live in.

The state of his living could be described by discussing the ways in which he completed his education. I remember him telling me once, ‘We could not afford to buy new shoes or new books for our school’. He further went onto describe the state of his footwear during his schooling. He said, ‘Since we could not afford to buy new shoes and were only capable of buying slippers, we would pin the slippers up if they ever broke’. I also remember him describing to me that he would wrap his books and notebooks with newspapers, in place of the cover that we get today in order to comply with the school’s requirement of covering the books and notebooks.

He was an amazing singer and an even more amazing Sitar player. He was also offered a place in one of the music companies during his time but due to his financial conditions, he could not take it further. He, later on, went to study B.Tech in Osmania University Hyderabad and worked his way up the ladder. Since he could not afford to buy books for himself, he worked hard to study in the libraries while also finding the time to spend with his friends doing all mischievous things. It was using one of his friends’ cars that he learned to drive and almost killed himself. He worked hard to get an opportunity for himself to work in the most reputed firm to help his family from the situation.

He never gave up hope even when he came across situations that could have discouraged him. He could have opted for a decent job at a decent firm without risking his future but he decided to write the exam for his dream company, which at that time conducted really difficult tests and had various levels. He never stopped believing in himself and his abilities! He knew what he desired and he worked towards it with all his heart and soul! He always aspired to learn and to gain knowledge rather than just learn through experience. His enthusiasm to learn and gain knowledge can be observed through his discussions even on topics that are irrelevant to his field of work. The other day, his wife recalls, “The other day I caught him fighting with our daughter about the laws in the country and while she is the one studying law, she couldn’t help but agree with him and realise her mistake”. Adding to that she said, “He always boasts about how he is the smartest person and that no-one in the family can beat him”. She goes onto add that while he pretends to boast, he is merely using it as an opportunity to lighten the mood.

His passion towards his work is still visible through the work that he produces. His co-workers respect him immensely and understand the value of his presence around him. He is also a valued employee at his workplace (the name of which cannot be revealed in order to maintain the person’s anonymity). His family members recounted several occasions where his seniors told him that his presence was dearly missed and how they would try and get him back into their team. However, due to the company’s policy, that was a difficult feat to achieve. Having discussed his professional background, it is also important that we understand him as a human being.

With all the struggle and effort, he still is the most humble human. His humble nature is quite evident in the way he treats his family members and respects adults. He values relationships over anything including money. Although he struggled with money throughout his childhood, he has never once failed to help others in need. His wife, recalling a memory, said to me, “One of my family members was in dire need of money and while none of her brothers came forward to help her, my husband did not even think twice before saying yes”. She went on to add that he would have done it for his dear friends as well if they were ever in need monetarily. His respect towards others and his helping nature has won many hearts. The people in his life adore his presence and keep saying that they are really lucky to have him as their family/friend.

He has had an amazing impact on every life he has ever touched and continues to do so. People around him adore him for his down to earth attitude and his craving to learn more. He works hard and lives in the moment! He has taught me to love unconditionally, to help others as much as I can, has always inspired me and continues to do so! My personal association with such a human being has only helped me look at the beauty of life and the art of giving.

Today he has people who love him, who respect him for his dedication, who understand the value of working with such a humble human being above all. His dreams have come true and some more and the happiness in his face knows no bounds. When he was personally going through something so immense in his life, he never imagined himself being featured on a blog post nor did his efforts to help others arise from that thought. But his hard work and never give up attitude paid off after several years of his struggle. This only goes onto show that no effort goes wasted and gets recognised at some point of time in life, whether it be sooner or later. As they say in Hindi,

सब्र का फल मीठा होता है|


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