Life as we know it…..

It has been more than a year since I first started my blog. My initial intention behind starting the blog came in the form of a conversation that focussed on the worth of self-help books and audio clips. It also happened at a time when I was looking for inspiration in my life. The concurrence of the two events initially led me to assume that the suggestions and examples shared by the successful and the famous characters were restricted to just them. However, as my exploration towards achieving my goals began, I started to observe the occurrence of similar situations within my life as well. I was able to establish a relationship between the events occurring in my life with those faced by such successful people.

The realisation made me explore and find other possibilities of learning during the one year of my masters. It also made me appreciate the importance of some time for self-reflection. Along with that, it made me wonder whether there were others like me who had found the ability to achieve the ‘goals’ they set for themselves within a particular period of time. My desire to know more about such people created a yearning to also stay connected to them in order to be constantly inspired by their actions; their efforts, and their motivation to keep pushing themselves further.

In order to keep up with the motivational learning and to provide a more inclusive picture to me and to all the readers of this blog, I will be starting a new face of blogging through my work on WordPress. With the commencement of this post, I will begin a new journey in my life where I will be exploring and interviewing people like you and me, who have overcome obstacles in their own paths to achieve the ‘goals’ that matter to them. I am highlighting the word, ‘goals’ everywhere I mention it as I believe it is necessary to understand its context.

The term, ‘goal’ as defined by the online Oxford dictionary says, ‘The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result’. It is important to note here the use of the terms, ambition and result. These terms, when read by different people, will hold different meanings and ideas. It is hence, important to note here that every idea and meaning attached to these terms, as long as they are not detrimental to another human being, hold a certain value and mean a great deal from person to person. This blog will be exploring such goals achieved by the ‘common man’ while highlighting the one attribute that played an important role in their journey. It will also be discussing a bit about their drive and their interest in helping achieve their respective targets.

This post also opens up the platform to everyone out there who know someone worth being mentioned or believe that their life is worth writing about. Send me a message on facebook or send me an email through my blog post and I will get in touch. I look forward to connecting with many more such inspiring people! See you soon folks!


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