Different Perspectives…..

My friend Prabhakaran, pointed out today morning and rightly so that my recent posts have been about me and my experiences, providing different perspectives using examples from my life. Why so? In order to answer this question, I want to trace my journey back to when I started writing blogs.

My first blog post was inspired by my own understanding and learning about the process of auto-suggestion and meditation. It was not until I tried the two processes and implemented them in my life, that I realised its impact. Although a lot of people might have used these in their lives, I felt the need to share it with everyone who was looking for such ways. Hence, my initial blog posts were focussed on set processes that various authors had already discussed and their role in my life. But the more I wrote, the more I began to find ways and inspirations from my own life that I could write about.

The idea of getting inspired by oneself is an alien thought to us. We are either looking for external inspiration or affirmation for us to be comfortable in our own skins, to do the things that we feel like doing. Through, different perspectives and examples from my own personal life, I want you all readers to ask yourselves, ‘where can I draw inspiration from in my own life?’ ‘How can I use my daily activities to excite me?’ And these are just the very basic questions that you could begin with.

Yes indeed, sometimes we do need inspiration from the outside. But we all think differently, we all want different things in life. So, why stick to an external entity to show us who we could be when there is none like us out there? I am not against us finding their ways of success, dedication but at the same time, I am also in favour of us finding our own way to success, dedication! Let others be your aid and not the deciding faculty of the choices you make in your life. Be true to yourself and find your own ‘different perspective’ that is personal to you!

And think! Be alive! Look around! Observe! You will find inspiration all around you! In different places, in different ways, sometimes even in different creatures!

Seek it, find it and implement it!


PS: My friend Prabhakaran gave me permission to use the conversation between us as the content for this blog! Feel free to disagree!


2 thoughts on “Different Perspectives…..

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    1. Not really because you still are finding inspiration from your own self. I never said anything about looking for a lesson on the outside. Your inspiration can be drawn from your experience of life around you that involves your surroundings.


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