Understanding Rituals

We all have heard the term ritual being used in the context of religion and sometimes, in between friends or within the family or maybe even between a couple. But today, I hope to bring in another perspective, a different agenda behind the use of the term, ritual. I have decided to have my own set of rituals that I must perform with dedication on a daily basis. For some of you, this could be jogging every morning, or reading a book before sleeping but what if instead of calling these as habits, we began to call them ‘our rituals’?

According to its definition, the term is associated with religion but I have, for my purposes, understood the term as ‘a dedicated service towards oneself to achieve a certain goal in life’ and that goal could be anything. Being agnostic, I decided to use certain religious practices at my home as a kickstart towards this journey of building my own rituals. Why religious practices? Because they were easy and having been brought up with them, they were easy to get back to rather than starting something new. Now, mind you, this has been the hardest bit so far. Being a rebel all my life, following rules and regulations set up by others or sometimes even myself, has been a really difficult path. But a lifestyle change was due and it was about time.

I realised that cultivating habits and looking at them as habits made it easier for me to fall out of it equally easily. But having been brought up in our own respective families, the importance of rituals has been the same. So, why not redefine the term itself and create our own set of rituals that help us achieve our goals and never fall out of a habit because we hold them in high esteem. I believe it is all about tricking the mind into getting the job done even if it means calling our daily activities ‘rituals’.

Food for thought! Let’s see what rituals we can make for ourselves!


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