Who am ‘I’?

I have been thinking in the last few days about the word, ‘I’ that we use to refer to ourselves. But who am ‘I’?

Who am ‘I’?
Am ‘I’ the thought in my head
Or the voice dictating it?
Am ‘I’ the idea that comes with it
Or the dream that is chased?
Am ‘I’ the body that I have
Or the standards that are associated with it?
Am ‘I’ my parents’ vision
Or just another being?
Who am ‘I’?
What am ‘I’?

Is it right to think of myself as a body when I can’t even see myself properly without the help of a mirror? Is it right to think of myself as an idea if the ideas have been influenced by external factors? Is it right to think of myself as a thought when thoughts themselves exist because of language? What is the ‘I’?

‘I’ for me, is all of the above.

‘I’ is a thought that has a language. It defines our ‘individuality’.
‘I’ is the idea that has been influenced by the external factors. It shapes our ‘identity’.
‘I’ is the body that we adorn. It provides with an ‘image’ to associate with.

‘I’ is a celebration of all that we are and all that we could be! Let this ‘I’ be a reminder of the amazing ‘I’s we could be and be a guide in the chaos of the society. Let it show you the beauty that ‘I’ brings with it. Let the ‘I’ be the way you find your way back to yourself!

Thank you.


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