Just a few nights ago, I had this sudden urge to talk to my sister but due to us being in different time zones, I couldn’t. I decided to scroll through social media pages where I came across different memes and posts that reminded me of how my younger sister might’ve felt about me. From idolising me to stealing my clothes or even missing me and so on. But I couldn’t find an article or a meme that expressed a feeling that I, as an elder sibling might’ve felt and wanted to share. This made me realise that although we did have our moments, I hadn’t really acknowledged or appreciated the beauty of the bond between us.

So, I have decided to dedicate today’s post to my sister. I want to thank her for everything, for being there. Thank you, love, for being my best friend all this while! Thank you for sharing all your things, for listening to my crazy ideas at 4 a.m in the mornings, for sharing your clothes just like I shared mine. 😛

I have always felt that the bond between siblings is a very special one. We sometimes end up finding our best friends in them and some other times, we end up learning a lot from them. I learnt a lot from my sister as well. She has always been a hard working person! Be it an exam or an event that she was preparing for, she would always try to give her best. Something that I have always admired in her! Along with being hardworking, she is also very patient.

Six months back, my sister had asked me to help her with her studies. As I wasn’t doing anything, I decided to help her out. We had a hard time remembering all the articles that were there in the syllabus. So, I asked her, what was the point of putting all that effort and not being able to remember anything in the end. She taught something that I always knew of but never paid much attention to. She taught me that sometimes in life, all you can do is put effort and patiently wait for the result. For me, she is a living example of the phrase, ‘Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai’.

She also has this innate ability to block all unnecessary thoughts and distractions when she makes up her mind about doing something. A few weeks back, she had called me telling me that she was going to delete all social media applications from her phone just because she wanted to concentrate on her studies. It has always baffled me as I get distracted easily and I can never separate myself from social media platforms!

I want to use this platform today to remind myself of all the amazing qualities that my sister has and everything that she has taught me throughout. And I also hope that she realises how important she is to me and how much she means to me. Although I am not there with her right now, there is not one day that goes by when I don’t miss her. And I hope she always remembers that I will be there for her.

I love you, my little sister! And I wish you all the best in the future.


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  1. Reblogged this on scribledree and commented:
    I love you too darling…I have had alot of memorable moments that I can look back to. You have and will be an inspiration for me. Thanks for writing this whole blog on me. I just cannot put the happiness or satisfaction I feel just be reading this. You have always been there for me and I know that whatever life may have saved up for me..I can just depend on you blindly 😅😘😘…I love you too…much more than you can imagine 😘

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