Today morning when I woke up, I had one of those moments where I felt like I would’ve been happier with my ex-boyfriend( let’s call him x). Not because I still love him and I miss him( this I do), but because my current boyfriend( this guy’s y) is driving me nuts! But before we discuss further, a little background story on both parties.

x and I started dating when we were young and the equation of our relationship was simple; love, support and be with each other along with the other factors that make up a relationship. Sometime during the course of our relationship, we both grew up. But our relationship was not evolving with us. Unable to express our feelings to each other, we ended up in a situation where our expectations from ourselves and from our partners grew but the relationship didn’t. We( rather I), decided to end the misery. I learnt something that day, a relationship needs nurturing and growth, just like we do.

Today, I am with y. y and I have been best friends for a very long time now. y knows me very well and unlike x, y has seen me grow and has been alongside me through all of it. Also, y likes to ask questions that make me uncomfortable. He challenges my ideologies, questions my stance on situations and even my beliefs. He makes me as uncomfortable as one can be! And that’s all y does( other than love me obviously)!

We all have that one person in our lives who questions our stand with respect to our ideologies, our approaches towards different situations in life, our beliefs and what not. He/She helps us formulate our thoughts and ideologies based on rational thinking and logical reasoning. But we feel uncomfortable in their presence and give them the same cold treatment every time! Why? We all question ourselves, don’t we? For as long as it suits us! Someone coming along and questioning our position on matters jolts our entire structure and makes us go defensive. And instead of having an open mind about things, we start hurling abuses( could be anything) at them and making them feel worse. Just because they tried to help us strengthen our structure with facts and logic and not merely with hearsay or even sometimes biases! We seem to be so comfortable with our biases that rationalising doesn’t seem like an option.

Change, that’s what it’s called, isn’t it? Change! Change of thought, change of approach, change of outlook and change has never come easy! Change is what everyone fears! The society fears change as well! Try breaking the societal norm by doing something out of the ordinary and observe how you make people around you uncomfortable! It could be you, as a student applying for arts although you scored a 97% in X boards or deciding to take a year’s break in between after completing your bachelor’s.

Change is the only constant people! The constant evolution of mind, body and thoughts is what makes us great personalities. Let us not restrict ourselves to our comfort zones! Let us question each and every thought that comes to us, every decision that we make, every action that we take. So that tomorrow, we are a better-informed audience who make better choices and help make the world a better place!





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  1. Hey, its first of your posts that i read and it made me feel to read more of them also.

    Very wisely you have conveyed the smallest yet very important fact of life that we unintentionally tend to ignore.

    Keep it up!:)

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  2. The part about boyfriends was just to explain the significance of the lessons we learn and the way we learn. The idea is to understand and analyse how life could teach you things..the lesson is always camouflaged and it presents itself in the most unexpected ways..


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