Comfort Zone

Ever since I moved to the UK, I have been thinking about getting back to my writing but I always found a reason not to. In the last one and a half month of my stay here, I have learnt a lot about myself. I have always been a confident person especially when it comes to things I am comfortable with but the last few weeks have given me a completely different picture!

Being a dance enthusiast and knowing what I wanted to achieve in life, I had decided to pursue my career in dance. I was never a fan of discipline. Nor was I a fan of Change! Everything that fell under the umbrella of my comfort zone felt right and doable but whenever the situation asked for me to step out of it, the task seemed impossible. In the last 2 weeks of my life, I had the most difficult task of getting myself to accept the fact that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and every decision that I would make henceforth would be a step further away from that zone.

Although the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone felt really exciting initially, it became harder and harder to make myself do the required tasks. It was not because the tasks were hard, mind you, sleeping and getting up on time are not tasks that are difficult to do but because these were tasks that were way out of my comfort zone, they seemed even harder. That’s when I realised that there was a need to address the elephant in the room!

In order for me to do what is necessary, I needed to accept and acknowledge the fact that there will be change! That I will change! The way I think, the way I talk, my level of confidence, my attitude towards life and people, all of it will change! And in order to have that growth, I will need to bring discipline into my life! And may I remind you, I have never been a fan of either Discipline or Change! But it became the need of the hour!

Change, we all know what it is, what it means but we never acknowledge it’s presence in our lives! We all face situations where we have made hard choices in life but we never really paid much attention to them! And change as I see it could be the best thing that can happen to someone if it serves the purpose of bringing us closer to our dreams. Not all changes are easy. Not all changes challenge our core and not all changes give us cold feet but the ones that do, remind us of how they are trying to break us out of our comfort zones! The very zones where we feel like home! But the very zones we should keep an eye out for! For they may seem comfortable now but they sure don’t intend to help you grow!

We all have our respective comfort zones! And it is not wrong to stay there! But sometimes it’s what is lying outside of the comfort zone that makes us go places! Challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries is how we will learn more about ourselves and more about the boundaries that we have created around ourselves!

Change is scary! I am scared! But I also am happy! Because I can see the potential that the change carries with it! I want all of you to try getting out of your respective comfort zones and do something extraordinary in life! Because,

We only get to live once, why not make the best use of it!




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