Asking The Right Questions…

For the last one and a half week I have been trying to write a post but I was lacking in finding the right content to write about. It was during one such brain storming sessions that I found myself standing in front of the mirror and talking to myself. It was only after a few minutes that I realized what I was doing and became more aware of how it was affecting me and why it was working.

While most of us have had a habit of talking to ourselves, we have always called others crazy for doing the same. In doing so, we acknowledged it as something only crazy people would do and tried to stop ourselves from continuing. But today I want to discuss how helpful it might be if we just asked the ‘Right Questions’. This might not have to be necessarily done by being vocal to ourselves but can be performed within the mind itself as long as we are able to concentrate at the questions being asked and not getting lost in the so many thoughts we have in our minds.

In order to perform this activity and test it, you must stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself and ask this question, ” What are all the things going on in your mind?”. This question will rid you of any tension and provide you with the answer giving you clarity on the different kind of thoughts in your head.
Now ask, “Does any of the thought/problem align itself with the priorities list you had made for yourself?” This question will automatically eliminate all the problems which don’t fit in accordance with your priorities list and give your mind clarity about things to focus on.
Once you have this going, ” How can you make sure you complete the task at hand?”. This question will look for ways in which your task could be completed without you worrying about it.
One last question would be, “How would you reward yourself if the work got finished within a deadline?”. This final question would give you the motivation required to complete the task within the given time period.

Now, many of us I am sure have been using this method for a while without any conscious effort of knowing or learning about it but sometimes we forget how such simple methods could easily simplify our lives. We must also acknowledge the fact that we are the best people to answer questions about ourselves! And that we must rely on our listening, thinking, reading and analyzing capabilities in tough situations in order to get the best results.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



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