Last night while I was going through my Facebook feed, I found many inspirational videos lined up one after the other. Although I knew I had tons of work to do and those videos would boost up my energy levels, I decided to skip them because I wanted to have some fun, like watching a movie, listening to some songs etc. Every now and then taking some time off for yourself is a good idea but then again, there are times when the work requires more priority and hence, cannot be overlooked.

We all have gone through different phases of life where we wanted to do certain things but we didn’t because we were not in the mood for it. All that we have talked about so far, the art of auto-suggestion, the power of our thoughts, have all been to teach us how to set our priorities right. Every phase in our life has a different list of priorities depending on the requirements of that time. As we keep learning how to control our minds, we also learn how to set our priorities and hence be able to make the best use of our time.

Many articles have been published on the how to’s for the better use of our times but most of us are caught up in the web of our past and our present that we don’t aim for a better future! But then again, there are times where we have heard people say, focus on the present and our future will set itself right. Confusing, isn’t it? How do we work our way through this maze? Focus on the present or the future? Well, the answer is right in front of our eyes. The second statement is for people who have already wondered about the answer to the first. Unless we know where we wish to be tomorrow, we can’t decide on what to do today! And that’s the reality of life! We must work on the things today that would make us feel content at the end of it and we have a nice sleep! And that is what matters.

I hope all of you who are working right now, for different reasons, start small and do things that make you happy! While I was working, I joined dance classes during weekends and used to go to dog shelters every other weekend to care for them. I also gave shelter to a puppy of 45 days before moving her to a nearby dog shelter where she was cared for thereafter.
These are just examples of the things I did as my work wasn’t the only thing that I saw myself doing in the future.

I hope this post inspires you to take control of your lives as well and you set your priorities accordingly.


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