Asking The Right Questions…

For the last one and a half week I have been trying to write a post but I was lacking in finding the right content to write about. It was during one such brain storming sessions that I found myself standing in front of the mirror and talking to myself. It was only after a... Continue Reading →


Last night while I was going through my Facebook feed, I found many inspirational videos lined up one after the other. Although I knew I had tons of work to do and those videos would boost up my energy levels, I decided to skip them because I wanted to have some fun, like watching a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Thoughts…

So far, we have discussed the art of auto-suggestion and how it can impact our lives. Before we go any further into understanding and learning about many such methods, I would like to talk about how our minds work, ¬†how our thoughts control our feelings and actions.   This was during my third month after... Continue Reading →

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