Relationships, phew! So, lately I have hearing a lot about relationships. Those who are single want to have someone special in their lives, and those who are in a relationship want to either get rid of it or have just settled for whoever they have. There are only a handful of people around us who... Continue Reading →

Just Another Regular Day – Is That a Good Thing Or a Bad Thing?

For a very long time now, I had been running away from the idea of a monotonous way of living. Unsure of what the term exactly meant and hence lacking the right perspective, I would look for adventure each and every day. And please don’t lie to yourselves about wanting a simple life without any... Continue Reading →


Struggle Struggle Struggle! Every time I hear the word, my breath becomes shallow and my body goes into stress mode. It's like someone just gave me the worst news ever! My brain starts giving me all kinds of signals that lead to a total brain shut down! But why! Why do I feel this way?... Continue Reading →

Looking Deeper into Success…

In my last post I had mentioned a common man's idea of success looking for inspiration around us, within the people that we know and associate ourselves with. In this post today, I wish to take that argument further, delve deeper into our understanding of success and challenge the way we look at success in... Continue Reading →

The common man, today’s Inspiration.

Inspiration can come in any form or manner and could be associated with different attributes depending on the audience we aim at. In the next couple of weeks, my effort as an author will be to try and cover as many bases as possible while discussing inspirational people around me. We definitely have come across... Continue Reading →

Life as we know it…..

It has been more than a year since I first started my blog. My initial intention behind starting the blog came in the form of a conversation that focussed on the worth of self-help books and audio clips. It also happened at a time when I was looking for inspiration in my life. The concurrence... Continue Reading →

The art of giving!

Ever since I was a kid, I used to wonder how everyone else's life was. I used to get intrigued by the occurrences around me and would wonder how it would feel if I had full access to their lives and its events. I was bored with the way my life was going sometimes. I... Continue Reading →

What is a Closure anyway?

In my last post, we discussed the difference between right and wrong focusing on whether there is a right or wrong after all. I talked about certain subjective situations in which it is difficult to understand the difference between right and wrong and how that then makes it all the more difficult to actually come... Continue Reading →

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