The art of giving!

Ever since I was a kid, I used to wonder how everyone else's life was. I used to get intrigued by the occurrences around me and would wonder how it would feel if I had full access to their lives and its events. I was bored with the way my life was going sometimes. I... Continue Reading →


What is a Closure anyway?

In my last post, we discussed the difference between right and wrong focusing on whether there is a right or wrong after all. I talked about certain subjective situations in which it is difficult to understand the difference between right and wrong and how that then makes it all the more difficult to actually come... Continue Reading →

Different Perspectives…..

My friend Prabhakaran, pointed out today morning and rightly so that my recent posts have been about me and my experiences, providing different perspectives using examples from my life. Why so? In order to answer this question, I want to trace my journey back to when I started writing blogs. My first blog post was... Continue Reading →

Understanding Rituals

We all have heard the term ritual being used in the context of religion and sometimes, in between friends or within the family or maybe even between a couple. But today, I hope to bring in another perspective, a different agenda behind the use of the term, ritual. I have decided to have my own... Continue Reading →

Who am ‘I’?

I have been thinking in the last few days about the word, 'I' that we use to refer to ourselves. But who am 'I'? Who am 'I'? Am 'I' the thought in my head Or the voice dictating it? Am 'I' the idea that comes with it Or the dream that is chased? Am 'I'... Continue Reading →

Significance of the term ‘selfish’

During a conversation with a friend the other day, we stumbled upon the term, 'selfish'. Being angry and upset at that time, I ended up calling her selfish but later that day, I began to ponder on the origin of the term and the meaning associated with it. It is said that the term, selfish... Continue Reading →


We all have come across this word a lot in our lives. Some of us have heard our parents say to us, others have heard from their coaches, some others came across this word while surfing through books or even the internet. No matter what the source, a lot of us to this date have... Continue Reading →


Just a few nights ago, I had this sudden urge to talk to my sister but due to us being in different time zones, I couldn't. I decided to scroll through social media pages where I came across different memes and posts that reminded me of how my younger sister might've felt about me. From... Continue Reading →

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